Why Offshore

Mussels are filter feeders so their quality is closely associated with the environment in which they are grown. Our mussels are grown away from the shore in the open sea, where they are constantly supplied with clean, plankton-rich oceanic water.

The offshore location and the size of the farms will enable the mussels to be cultivated at low density, which is beneficial for quality, rate of growth and meat content.

Provenance, sustainability, health benefits, food safety, freshness and traceability are strong drivers in the marketplace for seafood, and mussels produced by Offshore Shellfish will meet all of these.

Rope grown mussels are acknowledged worldwide by environmental groups as being a highly sustainable form of seafood production and are recommended as a 'best choice' or 'super green option' the Marine Conservation Society 'Good Fish Guide'

They are also highly rated by top chefs, who appreciate their clean shells, high meat content and absence of mud or grit.
Watch John explain why offshore is the best place to farm.